Email marketing is becoming more and more popular as the price of direct mail continues to climb. With the proper planning a email marketing blast can motivate your customers to make a purchase or persuade new customers to use your product or services.

1. Get a plan Stan- Behind every great email marketing campaign is a plan. A plan gets you where you want to go, sets objectives for your campaign andmaps out ways to meet the objectives. Much like a map, with out a good plan you will have know way to know how to get were you want to go.

2. Target your market- Before you can blast out your emailer you need to define your target market. The more targeted the email the better your results. Once you determine who you are going to reach, you can then tailor your email marketing message to that customers needs. Always remember the more specific the email peices is to your target markets needs the better the results of your blast will be. Breaking your email mailing list into market segments and then tayloring the message for them is much more effective then blasting your entire list a general message.

3. Make it good looking - Your email marketing peice should be atractive and easy to read in all the different mail clients.

4. Give a call to action.

5. Follow Up

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