1.  Set Up A Business Page
If your page is not already a business page it is important to change it to one. It does not appear any differently to the consumers but you will get several benefits including:
  • The ability to add more detailed information about your company. 
  • The option to group your business into a category which will make it appear in more searches. 
  • Access to analytics data based on traffic to your site and specific pin data (make sure you verify your site through Pinterest to get this data). 
  • It will help increase your SEO rankings by making the page look more credible.
2.  Use Targeted SEO Tactics In Your ProfileUse targeted SEO keywords in your business description section on profile. This will help you appear in more search engine queries for these key phrases. Search engines see Pinterest as a credible site so you Pinterest page may rank more easily than your website in some cases.

3.  Add The "Pin It" Button To Your Site
Add “pin it” buttons to your website next to all relevant images (ex. Products, tutorials, and pictures in blog posts). This will:
  • Make it easy for website visitors to quickly share your content
  • Help create more links back to your site
4.  Add a Pinterest thumbnail
Add a Pinterest thumbnail, as well as other social media thumbnails, to the header or footer or you website. This will allow your website visitors to easily find you on Pinterest.

5.  Add a link to Pinterest on your other social media sitesAdd a link to Pinterest on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. This will help draw more of your current fans to your Pinterest page. Add links to other social media sites on your Pinterest profile as well. 6. If at all possible use the same profile image on all social media sites in order to maintain consistency and help consumers recognize your brand.

7.   Be Social
Use this URL: http://pinterest.com/source/yoursite.com/ to view what others are posting from your website and comment, like, follow them, or thank them. Doing this:

  • Encourages consumers to repin your pins.
  • Shows consumers you are genuine.
  • Helps build consumer relationships.
8.  Pin Others Photos
Make sure you pin relevant things from sites other than your own. Find companies or people on Pinterest that are related to your business and repin some of their posts. This will help increase your number of followers and ensure that you are not bombarding your followers with sales pitches.

9. Tips to follow for pinning: 

  • Pin once or twice each day (this can include repins)
  • Saturday mornings are best time to post. The best time to post for weekdays is between 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. or after 8:00 p.m. If you want to schedule your pins you can at http://www.pingraphy.com/.
  • Use hash tags for your business related keywords (ex. #recipes or #hairstyles) after relevant pins. This will help your pins be seen more often and will increase the chance they show up in related searches.
  • Add prices to gifts and products by typing price in caption. This will ensure your pins show up in the gift section. It will also add price to the image which increases the likelihood it will be clicked on.
  • Add your URL to caption. This will automatically link the image to your site and increases the click-through-rate. 
10. Ideas for getting more Pinetrest followers:

  • Link your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You currently cannot link to a business Facebook account but you can temporarily link it to a personal Facebook page if you wish. Once connected you can follow some friends that may be interested in your business. Hopefully they will follow you back. After you’re done with this you can unlink the accounts if you want.
  • Add in email addresses of those who you think would be interested in following your Pinterest page.
  • Post on other social media accounts and let your fans know that you are now on Pinterest. You can even ask them to follow you or check your page out. This will help encourage fans to look at your page and hopefully follow you.
  • Share some of your popular pins on other social media sites.
  • Have a contest encouraging followers to pin things from your website and have a free give away.

Posted By Jon Ballard


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