A business blog should strike the right balance between information and promotion. Blogs should answer questions, be interesting, discuss trends – the good and the bad – and dispense tidbits about your company and what you can do.

It should be an extension of your marketing strategy and it needs to pack enough pizzazz to keep readers coming back. And, it should be a done on a regular basis.

Here are 10 tips to put some sizzle in your blog:
  1. Write “how-to” articles. They put you out there as an expert and give the consumer confidence in your business. Include a tip list; they punch up an article by giving information in short readable pieces. If you are having trouble getting started – think of the most common question a consumer or potential customer might have and answer it.
  2. Use an event in the news as a jumping off point. Does that event affect your customers or will it have an impact on your business? Is there a myth or scam circulating on the internet or social media that concerns your business or the industry – write about it.
  3. Keep posts timely – don’t write about winter car care concerns in the beginning of summer or talk about spring spruce-ups in October.
  4. Start a debate - A friendly debate about a product or business policy shows you are willing to discuss all sides of an issue. It also can demonstrate your knowledge and dedication to your business or craft.
  5. Go multi-media – use a slide show to demonstrate something or how about a podcast? Make a video showing a step-by-step creation of a product. Use humor – but use it wisely – off color jokes or making fun of a business competitor is never a good idea.
  6. Get People Talking- Generate a buzz about something coming up by writing a “sneak peek” post. As an added bonus, it will keep intrigued readers coming back.
  7. Use graphics and fact lists. Posts containing graphics, fact lists and polls with results are great for generating shares on Facebook as well as on other social networking sites.
  8. Interview customers and share customer feedback. Testimonials and success stories connect you with your audience.
  9. Talk about charity work or volunteer work. Profile an employee who is very involved in charity work. Make staff profiles a regular feature because they give a human aspect to your company.
  10. Reward your readers – offer a product giveaway to blog readers or promote a new service or product to blog readers before the general public.


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